The Best Moments of Motherhood…

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Everything has been wonderful with Quentin. I always wanted to be a mother, having so many nieces and nephews and coming from a large family, is only one of the many reasons behind it. I helped take care of all my nieces and nephews so when it came to motherhood, it was a little easy for me. I love everything about being a new mommy.

But, the best moment for me, is holding him in my arms knowing he is safe everyday. I wouldn’t change or trade my life for anything. I am so happy at where I am today and know that there is always a great plan for you and me. I love you my baby Quentin.. you are the joy that keeps coming every morning when I wake up.

xoXo,  Janice

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Quentin’s outfit: { H&M SKINNIES , TARGET ONESIE }

My outfit : { H&M MIDI SKIRT sold out , FOREVER 21 BLOUSE, GO JANE HEELS sold out but same one here from Charlotte Russe  }

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