Relaxing Weekends

Relaxing Weekends


( Love this quote )

As I am maturing in many stages of my life, I am appreciating so much and finding happiness in the slightest moments throughout my days.

Lee and I have been trying to keep our weekends as low key as possible, by not spending money, staying in, cooking at home and enjoying friend’s and family’s company. We are settling into our apartment well and have been working together to make it feel like home for us.


Having too much fun with DIY projects. =)


{ BELOW: I was so excited when I spotted these lamps at Ross. So perfect for our place, it has that chic modern look I am going for. }


{ Another thing I love to do on my weekends is spend quality time with my siblings when they visit me.  Kethey and I went down to Tower Cafe for brunch before she left back to Mtn View, it was her first time there. }



{ On July 4th, we spent it in Merced with my husband’s friends. They threw a huge bbq with all his high school buddies..Of course, I had to invite my friends along too. =) }


j4th bff

{ This past Saturday, Lee and I drove out for a DAY TRIP to HalfMoon Bay for our anniversary. We didn’t go on a lavish expensive dinner date, we kept it simple and grabbed Subway and enjoyed a few hours on the beach was very peaceful. }

halfmoonbay halfmoonbay2 beach

{ Sunday, I had my girlfriends over for brunch..Spring rolls and kapia was on the menu. }

springroll2 springrolls.

{¬†We had a lot of girl talk and reminisced about our high school days..hehe so much laughing, love it! Can’t wait to see them again in 2 weeks for my birthday.. }


{ Later in the evening on Sunday we went over to Ross and I found another cool finding, i swear these vintage looking things speaks to me…lol }


Anyways, I hope you’re all having fun weekends and try to relax more since its been so warm and hot in the valley. Whether you stay in town or have family and friends over, try to keep things simple, I always find relaxation in simplicity of things.


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