Let’s talk MAKE UP

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She is so gorgeous…right!!

This is my best friend Eunice Xiong. She has a huge passion for make up.  She’s always been great at doing make up and I wanted to showcase her skills and her different style. I admire her flawless looks and for the life of me, I can never achieve her looks myself. Thank goodness she is my bff! lol I can have her do my make up anytime.

She has recently started to do some make up jobs on the side and has been doing an awesome job with it.  I just wanted to give her a HUGE shout out and show you some pictures of her style.

She is so sweet and talented. Hit her up on her instagram or email if you ever need someone to do your make up for any occasion. [ Prom, family photos, special photo sessions, going to a party or just a girls night out. ] She can make you look amazing.

Instagram: @EUNIEE

Email: eunice_xiong@yahoo.com

Message her on Facebook for make up tips: Eunice Ntxhais Xiong

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