Into the Wild

Into the Wild

Leaves falling simultaneously, the smell of coffee brewing in the morning and the endless days of snuggling indoors with my husband makes the season even more relaxing. Needless to say, Fall has always been a favorite season of mine. To me, nothing feels more comfortable in the fall than a nice pair of boot that can be worn numerous times and ways.

This is a trail me and my husband go running on quite often. When we first came here in the summer, I knew I wanted to come back during the Fall to take pictures. I love how the tall trees and green leaves compliment greatly with my outfit and dark hair. As of Sunday, this has become one of my favorite spots to take pictures. Anyways, I hope you have a good day..Enjoy this pictures.

{Skull scarf: Love Culture, Riding Boots: Forever21, Dark Green Blazer: Urban Outfitters, Cream Rose dress: Forever21}

{ we found a leaf that was in a shape of a heart…so cute!! }

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