Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all Dad’s out there and to all Father figures.

Happy Father’s Day to my loving dad.

10177_502549856460096_1681390266_nMy father is such an inspiration to me. I would give up everything and anything for him to have his vision back. But besides this bump in his life, he is still a huge inspiration to me everyday of my life.

527719_358830914165325_1995019512_nFor all the encouragement you gave me throughout all my school years to work hard, study harder, go to class everyday, help mom, learn how to cook, be nice to my siblings and learn to not depend on a man so much–be independent. I am so grateful for all your advice Dad, you have no idea how great of a person you are.
248197_186486771399741_6369717_n226654_186486648066420_3907716_n230741_186487164733035_4878389_nEven though its been over 2 years since you lost your vision, there are other things you have not lost.

You still make great speeches.

544680_358830010832082_965524005_nYou still make your grand-kids laugh.

36487_111917692189983_7023085_n You did a wonderful job raising SEVEN daughters.

318130_358844247497325_1706841363_nI love you. I wish you more happy days with family and friends. See you soon dad.


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