Growing and Glowing


( Current pregnancy picture of me right now, 4 months and 3 weeks)

When Lee and I first got married I remember wanting kids right away. Everyone told us to wait for 2-3 years after marriage and to go traveling together, to enjoy our time before the babies. We’ve been together for the past 9 years so we don’t need that extra 2 years to ourselves anymore. We’re MORE than ready for a family of our own.

I still can’t stop smiling when I look in the mirror every morning/night to see my bump growing and glowing so beautifully. I never thought I would get pregnant. ┬áMy cravings are all over the place, in case you’re wondering. I crave for almost everything. =)


{ Zara nude heels, Forever21 mustard body dress, Forever21 chambray shirt }

IMG_4622 IMG_4614 IMG_4617 IMG_4619 IMG_4623

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