Baby News..It’s a……



Lee and I found out the sex of our baby 2 weeks ago. We wanted to keep it secret for a while, so we only told our families.

We are so overly thrilled for this new chapter in our marriage. I know we will be wonderful parents to our son. We have also decided on 2 names already, so stay tune for us to reveal the next secret. =)

[ I am currently ending my 5th month, as of August 8th I will be 6 months. ]

Thank you for all your unconditional love and support.

[ LOTs and LOTS of Thank you to my awesome brother Bounma Moua for taking these beautiful pictures for us. It was so last minute, but he did a great job!! ]

img_3605.revised IMG_3673-revised.NEW img_3550.revised img_3554.revised IMG_3582-focus img_3640.revisedimg_3521.revised img_3710.revised

img_3688.revised[ MORE pictures will be on my FB soon. ] 

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